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Universal Healing

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The philosophy for our retreat focuses on the need for a proper environment, information, and new awareness to facilitate healing. We chose the word “retreat” to imply a “break” or “time out” to heal. It carries the meaning of a withdrawal, a getaway, or escape. It only makes sense that we would need to provide a desirable place to retreat or take “refuge” one might say!

We believe that one of the greatest obstacles for people, who want to return to a healthy and more sustainable lifestyle, is the shortage of time and a place to study. With this in mind we are developing our institute as affordable learning environment. Using the simple self-study principle and curriculum, combined with applied science, our students not only have the time and space to learn, but also demonstrate their new skills.


Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole's

Welcome to Universal Healing!

In 2010 we purchased our property and began farming in Belize. Over the course of our experience and working with the local farmers, combined with much study, trial, and error, we have developed our natural farming practices. We are especially indebted to the teachings of Masanobu Fukuoka. We use Agro-foresty and Permacultre principles to grow our food forests which consist of fruit and herb layers.


Our 150 acre Jungle property is located in the Cayo district of Belize Central America. Using a combination of Permaculture and sustainable living principles, we are designing and developing it to serve as a multi-functional facility. At the core of our philosophy we believe that living a natural and simple lifestyle, is in itself healing. Linda and Yosiah have experienced both the unhealthy effects of today’s modern lifestyle, and the benefits of growing up in a rural farm setting. They have been on a journey to restore their own health and wellness, and return to their roots for many years.

Along their paths many friends, family, and clients asked them to share these developed skills and methods. They decided to create the retreat as a place where others could come and receive healing.We also realized that in order to stay healthy, a person must develop the skills to maintain their lifestyle. So we developed the institute to provide informational resources and a real life experiential learning environment to assist them.

Our farm and entire property is both our sanctuary and developmental learning campus! Our greatest aspiration is for our property to become an eco-community. A place where people who desire too, can live this lifestyle seasonal or full time.Please review our website and contact us for more information or if you would like to visit us!