‚ÄčUniversal Healing

Institute and Eco-village

We currently have three cabins and are building are remodeling one into an Earthship. We will then hope to remodel the other two and add some small huts too. One cabin used for rentals has its own self contained kitchen. All the cabins have indoor bathrooms. There are community outdoor showers available with hot water. A large outdoor kitchen and community area.

Vegetarian meals with much of the ingredients from our farm are served daily.

While we are not a lodge nor do we entertain tourists or tourism,  guests who are interested in joining our eco-village community either seasonally or permanently, are welcome! 

If you plan to visit us and will be renting a auto, make sure it is a good 4 wheel drive as our road is 2 miles of rugged bush driving. Back packers are welcome to hike the creek side trail which is a nice 15-20 minute walk. A taxi ride can be arranged for $20 bze as well.

Please contact us to reserve your spot and discuss the details today!

Cabins and accomodation's