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Institute and Eco-village

From 2010 until 2017 we operated the property as an institute teaching both foreign and local students sustainable skills such as permaculture, natural farming, and organic growing. However, because of our deep understanding of climate change and its impact being at the most extreme, leading to the extinction of life as we know it and the human species on Earth, we simply did not feel satisfied and fulfilled teaching anything other than survival farming and sustainable living skills!

The local urban garden, organic farms, and even simple food forests will not tolerate the extreme heats and conditions we may soon suffer. Only resilient and advanced food systems, if any will make it during such conditions. Of course, the average student today is not ready to hear, much less prepare for these hard truths. Hence, we choose to ONLY teach those who are likeminded and seeking solutions. We do so on both an individual resident learning opportunities and on a group basis utilizing workshops.

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