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Institute and Eco-village

​Having purchased the project with 3 original cabins, 2 with kitchens, and one above a storage shed, we had a good start and could slowly take our time building and adding more. Or at least that was the idea and had we followed it, would have been much better and saved us making many mistakes and spending way too much money learning the hard way. It seems the tropical rainforest climate must be one of the most destructive that mankind attempts to live in! lol.

I often refer to it as living in a giant compost pit! It never ceases to amaze us at just how quickly even the hardest materials including cement breakdown here. In fact, there is a reason being that the jungle bacteria’s and molds are truly of the decomposing nature. This is nature’s way of breaking down all the biomass the grows up quickly and yet is often short lived falling down and decomposing to feed new growth and cycle nutrients including carbon.

So, when it comes to building once again we learn that we must use natural principles and work with nature, not against it. To do this and assure that our newer construction last longer and holds up to the elements of the rain forest, we have chosen to employee Earthship methods of design and construction.

For those of you considering joining us, and according to Earthship community principles, this also allows even the poorest of people to construct a quality home that holds up to even the most challenging weather including the hurricanes that occur here in Belize now and then. 

As for our community design and planning, and again depending on our future resident’s desire and budget capabilities, we are offering either community joint ownership or privately owned lots. We strongly suggest that those seriously considering our community and such an opportunity arrange to come and stay with us for at least 30 days before making any permanent plans.

contact us for more information or to arrange your stay!

Our Eco-village!